Not That You Asked #3

Someone on Facebook posted a link about a band who while on tour, had their van stolen in Wicker Park. The window was smashed and inside the van was $25,000 worth of gear.

I decided to repost it to my wall because if that could somehow help them, why not? They came to my city and had their shit stolen and that is not cool on so many levels.

A handful of others did the same, as well as Kuma’s Corner, a beloved Chicago burger restaurant that I probably should not have to describe to you. Maybe heavy metal and tattoos aren’t your thing, but you will ignore all of that just to indulge in one of their creations. What you may not know is that Kuma’s is pretty awesome when it comes to raising money for causes, both local and national. So I wasn’t really surprised when I saw they had reposted the link.

I don’t know why, but I started reading the comments, one of which read: “Funny how precious gear is left unattended and uninsured. Insurance is relatively inexpensive and securing gear takes just a little effort and vigilance.”

Seriously, dude? That’s what you’d like to add to the conversation? You think that’s really helpful? You think you’re like, really astute?

This is the thing, ya know? We’ve gotten really good at finding ways of blaming victims. Apparently when something bad happens to us, we were asking for it.

I saw a friend on Facebook who had her phone stolen and blamed herself. I don’t know what the circumstances were, but I wanted to say “No, it’s not your fault”. I don’t care if you leave your Mac laptop on a table at a coffee shop and go to the bathroom. We as human beings should be able to assume other human beings aren’t going to be huge dicks to us.

This is not naivety or stupidity or trying to be a Pollyanna. Stop committing crimes. Stop treating your fellow human like they are less than. STOP TAKING THINGS THAT DON’T BELONG TO YOU.

And furthermore, unless you have something constructive to add to the conversation, even if it’s a simple “Hey, I feel for you.”, keep your pointless, dumb opinions to yourself.

I was in a show a couple months ago with a gal who I then started following on Twitter. She had recently adopted a dog and purchased a trailer to attach to her bike so she could cart him/her long distances. It was brand new and stolen immediately. She reached out to the interwebs for help in finding it. I noticed some total asshole decided he needed to air his grievances by telling her it was an uppity privileged thing to own an animal trailer and oh boo hoo that it was taken from her.

Sometimes I just can’t with the Internet. I want to use it for good. I want others to do the same. But instead, so many people find ways to fill it up with vile garbage that it makes it hard to try and do ANYthing.




P.S. That band found their van, but haven’t recovered their gear.


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