Comics and More from the Chicago Alternative Comics Expo

Here at Miss Spoken we like to highlight stories in all their glorious shapes and sizes, and one of my favorite forms is the pictorial and sequential: I love comic books and have since I was a kid. Zines, graphic novels, and mini-comics, self-published or put out by industry titans: I like it all. A lot.

There have been some pretty awful and sadly typical examples of misogyny called out in the last few years, but I won’t let that ruin comics for me. They continue to be a way for groups outside of the mainstream to express their experiences in creative, funny, and poignant ways — this is the case at the Chicago Alternative Comics Expo (CAKE), a well-curated and awesome local event that happened last weekend. Go next year, support the artists that contributed to it, and expand your storytelling horizons.

(Also…Batman. Come on. Batman.)

Anyway, here’s what I bought at CAKE. Review of Get Over It! (hint: I loved it) and possibly other comics (I will probably love them but haven’t read them yet) coming soon.


Get Over It! by Corinne Mucha


 Foodwise by Tony Breed


Clementine Fox by Leigh Luna


 Dumb by Georgia Webber


 It Never Happened Again by Sam Alden


Primahood by Tyler Cohen


Kingdom/Order by Reid Psaltis


Poet Squad stickers (can’t find the creator, if it’s you come forth)



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