Getting Real About What You Owe

A couple of years ago, xoJane challenged its readers to “Show Us Your Debt” — put what they owed on a sign and on the website. These posts were part my inspiration behind June’s theme of Debt. I liked xoJane’s idea of being honest and matter-of-fact about something common to many of us, but often considered shameful, something to be never spoken of or tucked under the rug.

My story is about straight-up old student loan and credit card debt, but like most cases where you need to pay something back it’s about much more: secrecy, dishonesty, family, and old habits dying hard. The stories we’ll feature at our show next week differ in terms of what is owed, but are often equally complex in terms of motivation, behavior, and consequences debt inspires. Man, that sounded like a bad book review. What I meant to say was: Debt is often personal, rarely easy, and persists long after it’s been paid. Come to the show to find out how.



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