Meet Our Readers

This month’s theme is Debt and we’ve got another awesome lineup to talk about an often uncomfortable and downright verboten subject, be it financial, personal, or mystical (I just finished watching Game of Thrones. what.). Find out more about them below then come to the show on Wednesday.


Gwynn Fulcher


Gwynn Fulcher is a writer/performer transplant from Maryland, and is celebrating her 10th year living in Chicago. In her first five years here she did fuck-all, but in the second five years Gwynn has written and performed with the Neo-Futurists, acted with a variety of local theatres, composed original music that is actually listenable, directed a short film, been a guest for music, storytelling and Star Trek podcasts, respectively, and had the great fortune to appear on live lit stages such as WRITE CLUB Chicago, Guts & Glory, The Paper Machete, Collector’s Edition and Story Club South Side and now HOLY SHIT: MISS SPOKEN.

Anne Holub 


Anne Holub thoroughly dismayed her parents by majoring in English and then following that degree up with an MA and an MFA in poetry. Her day job is pretty boring, but she has a not-so-secret second life as the music editor at (she apologizes for not coming to your band’s last show). When she’s not baking biscuits or ordering ham off the internet, she can be found on Twitter at @izatchu.



Rachel Collins


Rachel was was born and raised in a small town on Long Island, New York. No she does not have “that” accent, but she certainly can be sassy. She wanted to be a writer for Jane Magazine and then Vanity Fair, but when the former folded she gave up on ever being a “big time writer.” She likes using ellipses, quotation marks on paper (and in the air occasionally) and she attributes her sense of humor to being the small liberal minority in a large conservative family. She used to refer to herself as a hopeless romantic, but now she makes sure to keep the two words far away from each other. She is is sure her soul mate is burly and bearded, even though her dating history does not support this assertion.

Natasha Mulholland


Natasha Mulholland recently moved back to the Chicagoland area after a few years in the Pacific Northwest. Despite this move, she feels she is a West Coast person by nature and wishes her life were more outdoorsy. Natasha has several whims and believes that following them makes life worth living. She currently goes to school, bakes, does yoga, thinks about auditioning for a dance company, and really, really needs a job. She writes the blog Aviva O’Byrne’s Melting Pot, which is currently being revamped. Have a look in a couple weeks! Most of all, she loves to write and share stories about her adventures.


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