Not That You Asked: The CTA Makes Me Sad About Humanity

As nice as it is to not HAVE to rely on a car to get around this fair city, taking the bus and train kinda bums me out.

Actually, it’s the people.

There is ALWAYS at least one asshole.

Someone talking too loudly on their phone. Someone who uses a seat for their bag during rush hour. Someone who refuses to move to the back. Someone who is perfectly healthy and able bodied unwilling to give up their seat for someone who needs it more. Someone who thinks it’s fine to take up four seats with their stroller. Someone who thinks they can just roll up right before the bus comes, even though you’ve been there for fifteen minutes and cuts in front of you to get on. Someone who thinks it’s more important for them to get on than for you to get off first. Someone who litters. Someone who eats a three course meal in their lap. Someone who won’t move so you can get off because they have their earbuds in or are in a really deep and important conversation with their friend. Someone who doesn’t care that crossing their legs is a tripping hazard and makes it harder to go around them. Someone who wants to play their videogame/YouTube clip/choose a new ringtone for everyone to hear.

I’m sure I’m missing another dozen scenarios.

The bus is a microcosm of the neighborhood, city, state, country we live in. It seems people aren’t interested in the fact that we share space with other people. We’re selfish and inconsiderate and it breaks my heart.



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