Baby (Girl) Talk

I need to stop hoping/thinking I’m having a girl.

The truth is, in some ways, I think it would be easier to have a boy.

I also know I’m supposed to be all “I just want a healthy baby!” and while that’s true, I do have a rather strong preference.

Look, baby clothes are inherently cute because they are tiny and colorful and stay stupid things like “Mama’s favorite rock star” under an embroidered electric guitar.

But I guess there’s something about sticking a girl in pigtails and tutu’s and itty bitty bathing suits with polka dots that is just TOO DAMN MUCH FOR ME TO HANDLE AHHHHHHHHH THE CUTENESS IS KILLING ME.

More than one person has said they thought I was having a boy based on everything from the fact that I have a sweet tooth to my first trimester morning sickness not being terrible.

Then again, my boyfriend and I are convinced (for no ACTUAL reason) that we’re having a girl and my mom is sure of it because she dreamt that I was, so obviously that is the hands down proof we were all looking for.

I really don’t want to care one way or the other. Honestly. It feels wrong.

But I mean…just walk around a Target in the baby section and see what you’re more drawn too. For me it’s not the blues and greens, trucks and monsters. And yes, superheroes and tiny bowties are adorable.

I suppose it’s just my inner girly girl that wants to dress my baby up like a little doll.

And yes, I know how that sounds.



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