Meet Our Readers

We’re excited to talk about our periods. Plus, special open mic edition. Bring your menstruation story, bring your friends, and get ready to hear about lady times from the following:

Photo on 7-5-14 at 5.05 PM #2

Wendy McClure

Wendy McClure has never lived anywhere besides the Chicago area and Iowa. She is the pop culture columnist for BUST Magazine, a children’s book editor, and the person who put those gross 1970s Weight Watcher recipe cards on the internet. Her books include The Wilder Life: My Life in the Adventures of Little House on the Prairie, The Amazing Mackerel Pudding Plan, and most recently a kids’ series called Wanderville. She has an MFA from the University of Iowa. She lives with her husband by the Chicago River. Find her online at or on Twitter, where she pretends to be Laura Ingalls Wilder.


Ali KellMissSpokenBioey

Ali Kelley grew up in Connecticut but traveled to Chicago after Googling “Tina Fey” and learning about the Second City Theatre. She covers comedy and live lit for Chicagoist and gets into 90s pop culture, teen angst, and absurdist humor on her blog, Sleepoverz. When not writing, she’s busy being a “maxinista,” a maxi pad wearer and bargain hunter. Ali would like to give a special thanks to the Harold Washington Library, the Chicago Cultural Center, and various city park benches for providing an inspired place to write on the cheap.



Katie Prout

Katie Prout is a writer, runner, and storyteller who works for A Large Internet Coupon Company in the city of Chicago. She writes about family, feelings, and all things vagina at





Aunt Flo

Charlotte Hamilton

Charlotte Hamilton is a writer by night, hospice social worker by day.
Though originally from New Jersey, she is nothing like the stars of
Jersey Shore – she never goes to the gym, is afraid of the sun, and
thinks doing laundry is for suckers. She does, however, like to
reference TV shows that nobody talks about anymore. She also loves,
loves, loves talking about her period, which is why she dressed up
like Aunt Flow last Halloween (see photo).




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