So Long “606”…For A Bit

The last time I lived outside of Chicago was my brief stint in Evanston back in 2008.

Yes, I’m that person who will tell you I was born at Illinois Masonic, that my dad is a Lane Tech alum and that my cell number has been “312” since 1999. If you really want to know how Chicago I am, I’ll list all of the neighborhoods I’ve lived in.

I know, you don’t.

Anyway, I’ve decided to move in with my parents when my lease is up (November 30th). It is, as of now, the most ideal situation. For those of you who don’t know, I’m a part-time nanny and between now and the birth of this kid, there’s no way I can save enough money to pay my rent for the months I’ll be unable to work.

I will not make promises of getting into the city as much as I can once summer rolls around again, nor do I expect any of you to make similar statements about visiting me in the burbs. I’ve seen it happen before and I don’t think I’ll be some kind of exception to the rule.

However, if you feel like coming 45 northwest of the city (there is a Metra station in the town over and I’ll gladly arrange for you to be picked up), our door is open.

My friend J has been asking what I’d like to do before I leave city confines and aside from all of the craft cocktails I’ve been missing, I suppose I just want to eat my way through these final few months. If you’re into that, hit me up.

As for the future, I assume I’ll try to get back into good ol’ Chicago once this kid is a little older and I’ve been able to put away some money to get the apartment of my dreams. Though I don’t know if the city will be my forever home. I love this place like no other, but having a kid may change the feasibility of it all.

So yeah, I’m gonna be a suburban mom for awhile and I’m pretty OK with it. I’ll just live vicariously through your Facebook posts.



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I very much relate to this.

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