Not That You Asked: Gay Marriage

Over the weekend, I went to Minneapolis to attend my uncles’ wedding reception.

He and his partner have been together thirty one years and it took about that long for them to be able to legalize their relationship.

As someone who isn’t the biggest fan of marriage, it perplexes me even more that anyone would have a problem with people of the same sex getting married.


What. Is. The. Problem.

The idea that it is ILLEGAL in some states for two people to get married just because they are both men or both women makes absolutely no sense to me whatsoever. Who has the power to make these kinds of decisions and why are they even made?

Just wondering these things out loud is ridiculous to me.

Let me be clear: If you are not a supporter of gay marriage, we are not friends and never will be. I’m not interested in your politics or your religion when it comes to this matter.

In fact, calling it “gay” marriage makes even less sense to me. It’s just marriage, no? Everyone wants equal rights because that’s what we deserve. It should not be a special consideration, a subset of what the rest of us, and by rest of us I mean women who marry men, are allowed to participate in.

But even I found myself in an unexpected thought process when I realized that while I’ve always considered my uncle’s partner/now husband my uncle, I’d never really addressed myself as his niece. I’m not sure if it’s because he’s always been labeled a partner only or because my own view of their relationship not being a man/woman dynamic meant something different.

I have a closer relationship with him then most of my uncles. I may not see him often, but he knows more about me than a lot of my family.

It was a really joyous, celebratory occasion, one that I’m glad I was a part of.

And there is absolutely no reason sex should determine whether or not you can marry.

Plenty of homosexual people get married. We only seem to have a problem with it when they want to marry someone of the same sex.



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