Teenage Dream

(Wherein I do a lot of name dropping and pretending I was cool. Bear with me, if you care to.)

I started going to The Metro when I was fifteen. As a singer, it’s been my dream to perform there.

Remember Silverchair (Daniel Johns 4-EVA)? Seven Mary Three (7M3)? Poe (“Angry Johnny”)?

I saw them all live, standing in the balcony with my best friend, too chicken to stand with the masses down below, closer to the stage.

My parents would drive us down and pick us up near the McDonald’s at Clark and Addison. We’d buy a t-shirt at the show and wear it TWO days later, often getting my mom to call me in sick or late.

I saw Rage Against The Machine at The Aragon and didn’t die. I saw the Beastie Boys at the former Rosemont Horizon just after Hello Nasty came out.

Foo Fighters in Milwaukee. Smashing Pumpkins in Iowa. The Red Hot Chili Peppers at the United Center (tickets I won from the old Q101, THE alternative music station back in my day. Remember Wendy & Bill in the morning?)

I went to the B96 Summer Bash. The Q101 Jamboree and Twisted Christmas (where Fiona Apple performed live for the very first time).

I saw Common, Macy Gray and the Black Eyed Peas (pre-Fergie) at The Double Door of all places. I went to an outdoor concert featuring 50 Cent and Snoop Dogg. And yes, I went to ONE Dave Matthews Band concert (in college…C’MON, GIMME A BREAK).

It only increased once I turned 21. A friend of mine introduced me to indie music, and I’d be at Schubas, Empty Bottle, the Abbey, the Hideout seeing whoever I was into at the time, scouring Early Warnings in the Chicago Reader. Death Cab For Cutie, Spoon, Low, Ida, Iron & Wine, Sufjan Stevens, Ted Leo, TV on the Radio, Cibo Matto, Junior Boys, Ani DiFranco (a billion times), LIZ PHAIR PLAYING EXILE IN GUYVILLE SOLO AND ACOUSTIC.

Yes, I’m pretty fucking impressed with myself. Or really, blown away by the amount of live music I used to see.

It was my life.

My all time favorite band was and probably still is Pinback. I could listen to their stuff on repeat, album after album, all day long. I’ve actually done this.

I’ve seen them a handful of times, including once at the Empty Bottle, where I awkwardly went up to Rob Crow and told him how bummed I was to have missed them the last time they were in town.

But miss them is what I’ve done over the last couple of years.

Tonight they’re at The Bottom Lounge playing their entire “Summer in Abaddon” album. Something inside of me (youth? fangirl tendencies? denial of current situation?) is dying to go.

If only I could stand in the Pope’s bullet proof glass mobile, front and center, swaying and bopping and singing along in peace.

Alas, my thirty-five year old pregnant ass will most likely be at home, in bed. Or maybe I’ll sit and rearrange all of the old ticket stubs in my scrapbook.



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