It’s Not Like I’m Smoking Crack

In an effort to figure out if I should still be this insane and depressed, I picked up my copy of “What To Expect…” the other night and came across something interesting. Interesting and terrifying.

A half page section described many of my symptoms and said that these can sometimes be signs of a thyroid problem, masked by pregnancy issues.

I wouldn’t have thought twice about it, but my mom has a thyroid condition and this was one of the reasons I should probably have been tested for it.

I was not.

If you read more about hypothyroidism (as I obviously did), I found out about many disturbing statistics, ranging from miscarriage to birth defects to an out and out link between this condition and having a kid with a lower IQ.

Unless detected and treated early or before pregnancy, there’s no telling what effect this may or may have on my baby.

If I even have it.

I may or may not get tested at my next appointment, told by my doctor that I could wait until I see her next month to discuss it.

So all I can do is just that…wait. And worry.

This in combination with the extra ultrasound I have to have in a couple of weeks to make sure my placenta has moved up (if it hasn’t, I may have to have C-Section) and the gestational diabetes test I’m scared I’m going to “fail”, I’m suddenly more than concerned with whether or not my baby is OK.

Here I was worried that he’d be a picky eater, the asshole kid on the playground or one of those douches I saw on the DePaul campus walking around with his frat brothers. Instead, I could unintentionally be the cause of his brain damage.

This is the reason I opted out of the genetic testing. I didn’t want to know of any potential deficiencies because I would have spent my entire pregnancy contemplating the implications.

I know there is nothing I can do. Not only can I not go back into the past and ask to be screened for a condition I had no idea could affect my pregnancy, I can’t do anything for him now other than what I’ve been doing.

It’s the most helpless and pointless feeling ever and I’m just trying to remind myself that whatever happens, it will be fine. It will play itself out and we will roll with the punches and make the best of the situation.

I suppose I need to start working on being able to live with uncertainty more than I ever have before.



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On the other hand, the risk of occasionally smoking crack during pregnancy were mostly overstated …

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