Not That You Asked: Drive Better

The baby is going to think I’m a yelling, swearing lunatic because the only time he hears me talk loudly is when I’m in the car (or when the Bears are playing terribly).

Is it wrong to think you have a responsibility to be as careful and safe as possible when you’re behind the wheel?

I have seen some of the most ridiculous and dangerous jack-assery on the road since getting a car that I wonder aloud how more of us aren’t dead from accidents.

90% of the problem is people are on their phones.


I see it everyday on my commute. Some asshole in front of me staring at their phone, unable to put it down for five whole seconds to, I don’t know, DRIVE. Thinking just because there’s a little traffic they can let the car in front of them get 500 feet ahead before finally looking up and realizing they should go. Or some people who are so involved in a conversation or texting that they are actually veering into on coming traffic or swerving like they’re drunk.

NEWSFLASH: The Belmont overpass is four lanes. You wouldn’t believe the amount of people driving straight down the middle.

My favorite game to play is to count how many cars make it through a left turn green arrow. Seriously, try it. So many space cadet dummies not bothering to accelerate or move at all.

It really is your job to pay attention for the sake of other drivers. It is your duty to like, stop when it’s red and go when it’s green and use your blinker when you’re going to turn.

I think what really burns me about bad driving is the selfishness of it all. People get into a 4,000 pound death machine and pretend they can basically do it blindfolded.

But since I know my ranting and raving will fall on deaf ears, why not let Werner Herzog explain it in a way you can hear (and see).



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