Meet Our Readers

We told ourselves we wouldn’t do holiday themes, but Halloween is kind of the best. Candy, dressing up like something else, horror movies, and bonfires – I’m getting an autumn boner just writing all this out. I wish I was kidding. I’m not. Thankfully, I’m also not kidding about our excellent line-up. Put on your costume (or don’t, whatever), bring your sweet tooth, and join us at Gallery Cabaret on 10/29.

missspoken_kelsiehuffKelsie Huff

Kelsie Huff is stand-up comedian who just got back from the Portland comedy festival All Jane No Dick. She is super proud to be the creator and co-host of the kates, an all female comedy showcase held at The Book Cellar in Lincoln Square. She teaches Feminine Comique, an all female stand-up class created by Cameron Esposito. Kelsie’s deepest horror lies in fitting rooms and being surrounded by open toed shoes.



missspoken_brittjuliousBritt Julious 

Britt Julious is a born and bred Chicagoan, a writer, and a disco ball in human form. She is the senior editor for This Recording, a literary essay website, and a columnist for VICE. She contributes arts and music journalism regularly to The Guardian and The New York Times. In the past, she’s written for Pitchfork, WBEZ, Complex, The Fader, and Rookie. Her interests include wearing sequins, channeling the spirit of 70s and 80s divas, and practicing misandry.

missspoken_nathalielagerfeldNathalie Lagerfeld

At age 27, Nathalie Lagerfeld still remembers most of the French swear words she learned as a comparative literature major in college. This skill has never yet come in handy in her post-college jobs as a high-school writing teacher, food blogger, or professional coupon writer, but she still holds out hope. Meanwhile, she passes the time writing and performing at shows like Essay Fiesta and Mortified, or binge-watching old X-Files episodes at her apartment in Logan Square.

missspoken_katesumpterAmy Sumpter

Amy Sumpter is a Comedic Actress who has done stand-up in Chicago for over 7 years. She loves telling stories, high kicking and performing with the kates in Lincoln Square. She is also in a female Beastie Boys tribute band called She’s Crafty.




missspoken_clairezulkeyClaire Zulkey

Since 2002, Claire Zulkey has run the blog Her work has appeared in the Chicago Tribune, Wall Street Journal, Jezebel, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, and the Los Angeles Times. She is the author of the young adult novel AN OFF YEAR and will be publishing a middle grade novel with Harper Collins in 2015. She runs the literary humor reading series Funny Ha-Ha, which will return to the Hideout January 30. She still lives in Chicago but will be moving to Evanston soon to start collecting Eileen Fischer dresses and North Face vests.


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