Motherly Instinct

“You’ll just know” is possibly the worst advice anyone can give you about parenthood.

Sorry, but you don’t know anything and while sure, there will probably be very obvious things that will be instinctual. But everything else? Nope.

One day I’ll tell you how I unintentionally starved my newborn because all of the advice I’d been given about breastfeeding was to not let him take a bottle for three weeks.

Hats inside? Not necessary.

Scratch mitts? Still not sure how long I “should” keep them on as I weigh what’s worse: him scratching his face off or if I’m somehow impeding his need for tactile development.

Swaddling? So, do I keep doing it for his “comfort” even though he punches his way out? And for how many months?

Is he eating too much? Too often? Is he sleeping too much? Is he TOO fussy? Is it bad he has hiccups? Is it bad that he groans and strains a lot? Should I change his formula? Should I give him more breast milk? Should I try a different bottle nipple? Is it bad that he’s probably too long for his 0-3 month sleepers and is that hurting his toes? Am I not burping him enough?

I. Don’t. Know.

I hate the idea that I’m supposed to. I hate the idea that no matter what I do (ask a friend, Google, contemplate calling the pediatrician everyday), even they can’t provide a definitive answer.  And maybe it’s just me, but I’d sort of like concrete explanations.

I have to push down the feeling that I’m doing everything wrong.

Because I’m not.

At least, I don’t think I am.



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