Uber, Schmuberlist

I just finished writing my first uberlist.

An uberlist, the idea of which was introduced to me by my friend Danielle, is a list of things you want to do in a given year. You make your list. And then complete each item before year’s end.

My list is 115 items long. It took me no time at all to write, like, the first 70 items, and then coming up with the last 35 was the actual worst. I very nearly cried, I swear. I’m going to revise some of the items to be more specific or more achievable, but there are some items I think are pretty perfect.

Like “Conceive of and execute costume for A & C’s Halloween party – theme this year is ‘inappropriately sexy'”.

And “Either stop complaining about Lena Dunham or give up hate-watching ‘Girls’ and just watch it because you occasionally enjoy it because LIFE’S TOO SHORT TO HATE-WATCH ANYTHING EXCEPT ‘HOUSE HUNTERS'”.

I took Danielle’s advice and sorted my list into categories. I have books to read, movies to watch, money matters to attend to. Hobbies to pursue and medical issues to address with the assistance of what will probably be a number of doctors employed at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. My categories have names like GTFO (travel) and HARD SHIT (the stuff I really want to do but have no clue how to begin).

I wanted desperately to add BOYS YOU SHALL ATTEMPT TO KISS but that’s kinda sorta maybe totally creepy and if I left that category in there it would most likely take up the entire list. My secret boyfriend club, which I call The League of Extraordinary Fantasy Boyfriends, is probably best left to its own post. And while I will confess that while I’ve always been boy crazy, I have always been loathe to confess it anywhere except Tumblr.

One of the items on my list is “Write blog post weekly for Miss Spoken”. I guess I can strike that from my list, or I will if and when I’m relieved of my substitute blogger/host/Asian person duties. But I kinda don’t because I like blogging here. I’ve already started envisioning myself as the extra topping in the Miss Spoken love jam sandwich that is Carly and Rose. If they’re Salt-N-Pepa then I’m Spinderella. The Flavor Flav to their Chuck D and Terminator X.

Now that my list is drafted, I’m giving myself until the end of the month to revise it before I finalize and commit to it. I also need that time to get the nerve and hopefully some organizational skills to tackle it all before the end of the year. I don’t make resolutions like folks usually do when a year has begun. But an uberlist I can get behind, if only because I figure anything I am unable to accomplish this year can always be the start of next year’s uberlist.


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