Your Baby Is A Special Snowflake (And So Are You)

I pointed out in my last post that the worst advice anyone can give you is that “you’ll just know”.

It’s kind of like Googling your symptoms and deciding all of the people who say not to worry are right over the ones who think it’s probably cancer.

There are tons of things no one can really help you with because your baby is not like other babies and you are not like other parents.

There are many things people simply can’t recommend even if they worked amazingly for them. I think it’s hilarious there are even reviews on baby items since it varies so much.

So as much as you want to put all of those well researched items on your baby registry, be sure to buy individual items versus bulk and GET A RECEIPT.

Seriously, your baby can be allergic to your own breast milk. It may take four or five different bottle nipples before they settle on one that works (mine is on his third.) This goes for pacifiers as well (you know, IF YOU’RE OK WITH THEM.)

They can have reactions to certain diapers, wipes and creams.

They may love to be swaddled. They may hate it.

They may sleep up to six hours at night. Or they can be like mine and sleep two to three. They may still get day  and night confused (again, like mine.)

The list goes on and on.

But before I discount all of the advice you can give or take, new moms do have some insight on things that can be really helpful.

I say this because plenty of moms gave me useful tips and lists that I wish I’d paid more attention to. And at the very least, most, if not all, moms will understand your frustration, fears, and worries and try to be supportive.

Anyway, if you need help with your baby registry, please feel free to hit me up. I have ALL kinds of OPINIONS on what *I* think is best (and can share what I think you don’t need and why.)




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