Meet Our Readers

February. It brings to mind romance in the form of heart-shaped candy, black history, that last long eight-week gasp of winter. And penis. Oh, you didn’t have that association? Maybe you will after this month’s show, featuring badass readers Jennifer Peepas, Michelle Yacht, Eden Robins, and back-from-maternity-leave Carly Oishi.  This Wednesday, Gallery Cabaret, 7pm. PENIS.

Jennifer Peepas

jpeepasJennifer Peepas writes the popular advice blog Captain and teaches film and video production and screenwriting at Columbia College Chicago. She has read at Story Club, Story Club South Side, That’s All She Wrote, Guts & Glory, This Much is True, and Story Sessions. She has written for IndieWire and published personal essays in Story Club Magazine and The Archipelago. Her short film Meet In A Public Place, a comedy about online dating, recently premiered at the Oakland Underground Film Festival.

Michelle Yacht

WIN_20150217_120151Michelle has one of those resumes that employers think is “unfocused.” She works as a community health nurse, and is a few months away from becoming a nurse practitioner. That’s kind of like a doctor, but with less debt. She makes a lot of arts and crafts. Her favorite holiday is Halloween, and her favorite food is soup.



Eden Robins

EdenFlorenceEden Robins has visited 17% of the countries in the world, on two-thirds of its continents. She speaks four languages badly, including English, has had malaria twice, and, as an adult, has lived in six US states. At one point or another, she has been a singing waitress, a dildo salesman, a dental assistant, an abortion clinic receptionist, a blowjob instructor, a Swahili teacher, and a comedy writer for Big Pharma. She co-hosts the monthly reading series Tuesday Funk, is one-half of the podcast Should I Worry About This?, and is currently writing a novel about the AIDS epidemic and golems.


1797434_721710817863099_559883314_nCarly Oishi

Carly Oishi is a writer, performer, singer, songwriter and caretaker. She is the co-producer of Miss Spoken, the blog and live lit show. She’s also the singer and almost full-time songwriter in her duo Jon & Carly, which has been making and performing music for almost ten years.



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