birdday girl

I’m going to keep this kind of short because it’s my birthday today (WHAT) and apparently the weather is nice so I’m going to leave my house (I took the day off work) and do something.

I didn’t plan anything for today. I’ve already had such a nice weekend. LET ME TELL YOU ALL ABOUT IT.

A friend invited me over for brunch Saturday morning. She made perfect eggs and three kinds of pastries and that doesn’t even include the cut up hot dogs in croissant dough that I totally hogged because I am very territorial when it comes to pork products. There was good coffee and a bowl full of massive berries and homemade bread pudding that was so sweet that I didn’t bother with the warm syrup that came with it. We had our laptops out for trip planning, and I bought one of those fancy travel backpacks that you can use as luggage. I had the option of saving some money on this bag if I bought it in this sort of old dried up lady shade of blue (which is an awful way to describe anything I know). I showed it to my friend. She looked at me and said “Jasmine, if you buy that bag I’m not going to be seen standing next to you at the airport.”

So I bought it in the black instead.

I checked on Leah’s cats. I watched a video of Cameron Esposito telling her incredible joke about periods about three times because it’s just that good and also so incredibly accurate. #TMI

That night, Jacinda and I went out for pre-birthday drinks, make that three INCREDIBLY STRONG DRINKS, at Lost Lake. We joked around a little with the cute couple sitting next to us. We ate snacks from Thank You, the takeout place next door. The bar was small and cozy and I got to sit in the wicker throne next to the host stand which made me feel very fancy and important. If I got a drink with a flower in it, I would stick that flower in my hair, always pausing to bend over and retrieve it from the floor when it would inevitably tumble out of my hair. Jacinda bought us souvenir mugs. Mine is in the shape of a parrot.

I have named this mug Paul.

Sunday, I went to see A Day at the Races with some pals at the Music Box Theatre. I didn’t like this particular movie nearly as much as I liked Animal Crackers. I didn’t make reservations for tea after at Spencer’s Jolly Posh, so instead the post-movie repast was chili cheese dogs at Dairy Queen. Which were still pretty good.

And I wasn’t even finished eating. My friend Lisa couldn’t make the movie but she joined me and Thom and Keith at Dairy Queen for a treat. Even so, she needed proper food, so we had soup and hot drinks at Julius Meinl. We got one of those tables with the nicely upholstered chairs by the window, which is really where you want to be on an almost sort of sunny Sunday afternoon.

Before I headed home for the evening, I checked on Leah’s cats one more time. She got back just as we were sitting on the couch, doing important work trolling Tumblr for cute pictures of Tom Hiddleston. We chatted for a bit about our weekends and then she drove me home because as much as I enjoy riding the bus I like riding around in cars with my friends a lot more.

This is my new mug. His name is Paul.



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I know – I miss me writing on this blog, too.


Writing for Miss Spoken is so good and I feel like I get all my personal stories out there.

So what’s left for This Is Jasmine?


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