Carry On

I leave for Ireland tonight. I will be gone for nine days.

The friend that I’m traveling with just texted me a picture of what she’s packing and it’s literally a dress, four shirts, and a pair of pants. The backpack that she’s using as her single piece of luggage is as big as the hiking shoes I plan to wear onto the plane to save space in my backpack, which is about the size of my apartment.

I have sports bras and diabetic friendly socks. Do I bring one Lantus pen or two? Can I bring my 70’s revival flares and clogs so I look taller, or settle for looking like Humpty Dumpty in jeggings that take up less room in my bag.

Somebody remind me to leave room for my MacBook (so I can write fan fiction late at night when I cannot sleep) and my Kindle (so I have other people’s fan fiction to read on the plane over and back again).

They have stores where I can buy organic shampoo, right?

Do they have Target in Dublin? I can’t find one using the store locator on

I’m worried that the bag I packed is just a hair too big for carry-on and that I’ll have to check it at the gate which is something you never want to do when you have to make a connecting flight in a foreign airport with only an hour or so to spare.

I would pack Xanax or sleeping pills, anything to calm me down but I don’t think I have the room.

I hope I can get some at duty-free.


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