Meet Our Readers

This month’s theme is Mothers. I feel like mother-daughter relationships are rarely simple, and I don’t mean like Mommie Dearest (necessarily). It’s more like, to heavily paraphrase what someone once told me: “My mom has a temper, then my dad’s like let’s go watch Ancient Aliens.”

Maybe you can relate. Or maybe you’re like Rose, my mom is super chill and a program that presents hypotheses of ancient astronauts has no place in contemporary literary discourse. And I get that. Either way, you should come out Wednesday and hear stories about moms of all stripes from our fabulous line-up. Plus, I’m making cupcakes I’m buying cupcakes.

Sonia Denis

IMG_0728Sonia Denis is a Chicago-based comedian by way of Washington, DC. Sonia’s stand-up can be described as confessional, frenetic and another cool adjective.

Sonia will be performing in the upcoming Onion & A.V. Club’s 2nd Annual 26th Annual Comedy Festival and The Crom Comedy Festival. She has performed in the Bridgetown Comedy Festival, the Women’s Funny Festival, the Cape Fear Comedy Festival, and The Comedy Exposition of 2014. She co-hosts a popular Chicago open mic at Cole’s Bar every Wednesday. She’s also a co-producer of Congrats on Your Success (CoYS), a monthly stand-up showcase that has been featured in the Chicago Reader and Time Out Chicago.

Shanna Shrum

unnamedShanna Shrum is a Chicago based solo performer and recovering sorority girl.  When she isn’t writing or performing she spends many hours meditating on the question “What would Beyonce do?”






Natasha Tsoutsouris

IMG_2652Natasha Tsoutsouris is a Chicago based writer, actor and performer. She has told stories all around the city and is excited to be making her Miss Spoken debut!




Samantha Abernethy 

profilephotoSamantha Abernethy grew up on a farm and served two terms as president of her 4-H Club. She moved to Chicago in 2008, but she’s still not a bonafide city slicker. Sam has also lived in D.C., Denver, and rural Wyoming, but Chicago is her favorite. She’s been a real journalist, a blogger, and the editor of Right now Sam is a freelance writer, editor, and all-around wordsmith. She lives with her handsome boyfriend in Bucktown, and you can find her drinking whiskey, taking notes, or attempting to sing a Dolly Parton song on karaoke.


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