Meet Our Readers

August’s theme is Sleepovers, and we’re ready. Ready for late-night whispering, makeovers, and those pillow fights I think only happen in the movies. Did you ever have a pillow fight? Really? Will you come to the show and tell me about it? I’m not gonna believe it’s a thing otherwise. While you’re there, hear stories from the ladies below. We trust they’d never freeze our bra.


Ali Kelley

alikelley_photoAli Kelley is a writer living in Chicago. She co-produces Story Club Chicago and performs her stories at series around the city. You can find her talking about ’90s pop culture and teen angst on her blog Sleepoverz and HelloGiggles.





Stefania Rudd

Stefania Rudd HeadshotStefania Rudd is a Chicago based stand-up comedian, who escaped the vast prairies of her home state of Oklahoma to tell jokes in the big city. A graduate of the iO Improv Training Program, the Second City Writing Program, and the Feminine Comique Stand-up Program, it’s apparent Stefania likes taking classes to help focus her wit. She has been performing in Chicago for over 2 years with The Kates, Zanies’ Female Funnies, and various local showcases and open mics. While traveling for work or fun, she takes time to drop in on open mics and sample the local pizza selection. When not on stage you can hear her co-hosting one of Chicago’s longest running podcasts, Your Chicago, where she interviews the people who make Chicago go.

Steph Fowler

FullSizeRender (1)Hailing from a small town in rural Iowa, Stephanie Fowler has been in Chicago for 12 years, making her an official transplant with full corruption privileges. When she’s not winning costume contests or enthusiastically singing karaoke poorly, Steph can be found kickboxing, eating tacos, or scribbling in a notebook at a local pub. During a recent life transition, she rediscovered her interest in creative expression and found writing to be instrumental to re-establishing her identity and rebuilding her life. She looks forward to helping others do the same in her work as a therapist and coach, and she’s thrilled to take the storytelling stage for the first time at Miss Spoken!


Lynne Roberts

L Roberts headshot1Lynne Roberts is a Chicago stand-up comic and storyteller. She was raised in the suburbs in the 1980s, so she’s pretty sure her life is actually a John Hughes movie. She got her degree in English and worked in children’s book publishing for years before deciding to go back to school to save the environment. Now she works as the most unscientific scientist on the planet, for the planet.


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