Meet Our Readers

New year new us, or something. At least one part of this show is new – these fresh-faced babes below, kicking off 2016 with what got them Fucked Up. See you tomorrow night at Gallery Cabaret for everyone’s take on January’s theme. They’re gonna do some damage.

Leah Pickett

leahpickettLeah Pickett is a Chicago-based journalist and essayist. She currently writes dining reviews for the Chicago Tribune and film reviews for the Chicago Reader and Consequence of Sound, in addition to co-hosting The Marrow, a live, nonfiction reading series produced by Curbside Splendor Press. Leah has contributed to WBEZ, the Baltimore Sun, Seventeen magazine,, and ABC World News with Diane Sawyer, among others.



Lily Be

IMG_1567Lily be started storytelling at Grown Folks Stories on the north side of Chicago, Illinois. She is from the neighborhood of Humboldt Park, and in her six years of storytelling she has featured at nearly every show in the city. Her stories are featured on the RISK and Moth podcasts, is the first Latina to have won a Moth grand Slam, and has won storytelling and live-lit competitions at Here’s Chicago, Write Club, and more. Her methods in storytelling are completely internal, as in, she very rarely uses paper during a performance or throughout her creative process. This style is brought to Stoop Style Stories inc., a story telling community Lily be founded three years ago which is devoted to bringing unique stories to all who are willing to listen, no matter what their background. She hosts and produces The Stoop once a month at Rosa’s Lounge with her best friend Clarence Browley. She is also a creative contributor to the show Psychotic Break and an Artist in Residence at Free Street Theater. She will also be teaching a storytelling class at Second City in March 2016. Lily Be is a little Mexican force of nature that won’t be stopped.

Keidra Chaney

Keidra Chaney is a writer, publisher of pop culture website The Learned Fangirl, and occasional rock musician.

Catharine Savage

f06c17bc-b0b9-4ad5-b8e8-7fb0f8a7637aCatharine Savage is a writer, actor, improviser, and east coast transplant. She has told stories with Loose Chicks, Is This a Thing?, and You’re Being Ridiculous. Catharine is an ensemble member at Under the Gun Theater, a member of the ComedySportz house team, Atomic, and a member of 99 Problemz, Chicago’s improvised 90s sitcom, which can be seen at The Playground Theater the last Sunday of every month at 6pm. And coming this May, you can see her sharing more stories in The Arrow with The Neo-Futurists. Catharine lives with three lovely roommates and is a big fan of brie cheese.




Online Dating

Here’s a recording of our last show of 2015. The November theme was Online Dating, with special guest host Alicia Swiz! Readers included Beth Spencer, Gina Watters, Gina Wynbrandt, Brittany Meyer, and Nancy Hightower.