First Time

Here’s a recording of our April 2016 show. The theme was First Time. Featured readers included Whitney LaMora Currier, Anne Elizabeth Moore, and Kaitlin Sullivan.



Meet Our Readers

For tomorrow’s show, Jenny Peel, Jess Merighi, Julie Marchiano, C.A. Aiken, and Lauren Kapinski  make like Lil’ Kim and Lil’ Cease. That’s right, we’re telling stories about crushes. Late 90s hip-hop moves can neither be confirmed nor denied.

Lauren Kapinski

headshotLauren Kapinski is a writer, a Wisco woman, and a recent transplant to the City of Broad Shoulders. In her short time living here, she has bested a knight, was the first intern at the Paper Machete, and sold a self-published chapbook titled Beats Per Minute. Like Chicago, she doesn’t have an obvious nickname but has sometimes been called: The Kapin, Our Lady of Perpetual Anxiety, and Norman. She generally has no idea what she’s doing but relies on her Midwestern charm, Muppet-like facial expressions, and foolish tenacity to figure it out. You can follow this broad and these shoulders on Instagram and Twitter @honestbabel.

Jenny Peel

jenny_peel-alt2Jenny Peel is a native Chicagoan, currently residing in the wild north of Evanston. She works for an educational publisher as an image researcher, which allows her to brush up on her science and social studies. Over time, Jenny has acted in off-off- Loop theater, played in both Beatles and Led Zeppelin cover bands, and got as far as a green belt in karate. After a recent class at the Story Studio, she feels ready to share her writings with the world—or at least with a subset thereof.


Jess Merighi

13419134_880592772046195_3308695521761588494_nJess Merighi was born in Massachusetts and was raised on Bruins hockey until she moved to Chicago on a whim in 2013. She spends her time running the customer service department at a tech startup in the West Loop, going to shows, schooling punks about feminism, and getting injured while crafting. Her writing has appeared in Hello Giggles and Literally Darling, and most proudly, the Boston Bruins satire blog, Day’s of Y’Orr. You can find the bulk of her writing, and other random musings at



C.A. Aiken

headshotbwclC.A. works in making Chicago and all cities better—she hopes!—and moonlights as a poet and someone who writes.






Julie Marchiano

Julie-Marchiano1Julie Marchiano is delighted to be reading again at Miss Spoken! A Chicago-based actor, improviser, and writer, Julie has been featured on a number of live lit shows, including The Paper Machete, Story Club, Is This A Thing?, and That’s All She Wrote. She is currently performing in her first revue at The Second City, A Red Line Runs Through It. Follow her on Twitter @juliemarchiano, or do a deep dive on