Meet Our Readers

This Wednesday, the writers below tell us when someone said yes, no, or maybe, out loud or otherwise.  See you there.

Eileen Dougharty

photoWhen Eileen Dougharty isn’t handing out drinks, snacks, and snark to the flying public, she’s trolling Chicago in search of adventure. Eileen has performed with Story Sessions, You’re Being Ridiculous, and 2nd Story and she has contributed her writing to Reader’s Digest, WBEZ’s “Pleasuretown” podcast, and Consequence of Sound. She was also part of a recent TEDx talk about the power of storytelling and she’s thrilled to be part of Miss Spoken.



Ada Cheng

Ada ChengAda Cheng is a recovering academic and a professor turned storyteller, improviser, and stand up comedian. She has been enjoying her new adventures in theater and performance since quitting her job at the university. She is a one time The Moth story slam winner. She has performed at different venues all over Chicago. She is living her motto: Take your life and make it the best story in the world.

Sarah Meltzer

12670940_484163775101714_8510613120944992136_nSarah Meltzer lives in Chicago, where she is co-host of the Wit Rabbit reading series. She divides her time between writing small things, asking her cats about Jesus, and making secret plans to start an advice column about the organization of kitchen cabinets. One of these things is a lie.




Caitlin Brecht

Cate BrechtCate Brecht is one of those dreaded Florida people you are always hearing about in the news. She wants to tell you that everything you imagine to be true about Florida is in fact true and that is why she relocated herself to Chicago last year. She currently works in an office downtown helping to assist different boards of nursing across the United States. When she is not working, and partially when she is working, she is an avid consumer of podcasts, movies, books, and theatre. She ushers at theaters around Chicago in order to see as many plays as her calendar will allow. She is a co-host on a Buffy the Vampire Slayer podcast called Babes Watch Buffy. She likes to write and would like to write a book even though she will confess that she doesn’t write as much as she should (thank you Netflix). She has had a poem of hers published In a Florida literary journal and she has seen two ten minute plays she wrote performed. This is her first spoken word event in Chicago and she is very excited and hopes to not throw-up. You can find her on all social media platforms at Catebrecht and you can find her Buffy podcast at Babes Watch Buffy on iTunes and Soundcloud.


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