Meet Our Readers

Hit the road tomorrow with Shay DeGrandis, Jenn Sodini, Roberta Miles, and Amy Eaton, who bring you tales of wrong turns and lost loves and mountain lions, oh my. Then there’s my story, which is mostly about not throwing up. There might be more to it. There’s definitely more to theirs. See you at 7.

Shay DeGrandis

shaygasShay DeGrandis is an artist, writer, well-meaning amateur therapist, accidental comedian, hospice volunteer, and soon-to-be funeral director. She produces and hosts the Chicago edition of Mortified, a comedy show of “personal redemption through public humiliation.” Helping performers bring to light their most awkward adolescent writing, she persuades them to excavate the hilariously embarrassing artifacts of their past and share their shame with strangers. She thinks it’s good to expose yourself. Learn more at

Jenn Sodini

imageJenn Sodini grew up in Pittsburgh, went to school in Amherst, and then moved to Chicago and never looked back. She passionately hosts and co-produces CHIRP Radio’s The First Time, a live-music-and-storytelling series (quarterly at Martyrs’), and Psychotic Break, Chicago’s premiere mental-illness-themed variety show (first Wednesdays of every month at Schubas). She has been featured on The Moth Radio Hour with a story about running around with no pants on, which has surely helped her career as an analyst for a medical consulting firm. Jenn has also been featured on The Stoop, That’s All She Wrote, Blackout Diaries, Therapy Sessions, and Collector’s Edition, and is pleased to be a part of Miss Spoken. She’s finally moving out of her loft, so let Jenn know if you’re interested in purchasing a 7-foot-tall paper maché yeti.

Roberta Miles

934667_10151516665493773_1008715403_nRoberta Miles’ award-winning autobiographical monologues touch on growing up in Chicago in the 70’s and her life’s indiscretions and romantic regrets. Roberta chronicles her quest for mental and physical health with brutally hilarious candor. She has crafted her monologues into the one-woman show, I Want a Banana, and Other Desperate Love Stories, which she has performed at Strawdog Theatre and BoHo Theatre.

As the co-creator and producer of Loose Chicks and producer of Cafe Cabaret, Roberta continues to push the envelope with a wide range of memorable performances.

Amy Eaton

Amy Bio 2016Amy Eaton has performed original work with Tellin’ Tales Theatre and is a 2-1 Write Club winner (though she swears that 1 was really a tie).She has performed as an actor with Curious Theater Branch, Thunder Rd Ensemble, Mary-Arrchie and others. She served as Artistic Director for Evanston Children’s Theater and founded Mudlark Theater Company.
She lives with her two beautiful giant size teenagers who are being homeschooled, her incredibly patient husband and three jerky cats.
She comes from the Twilight Zone. But that’s another story.

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