Past Readers

October 2014 – Halloween
September 2014 – College Years
August 2014 – Summer Love
July 2014 – Periods
June 2014 – Debt
July 2014 – Boobs

October 2014 – Halloween
Britt Julious
Kelsie Huff
Claire Zulkey
Amy Sumpter
Nathalie Lagerfeld

September 2014 – College Years
Erin Watson
Dana Norris
Genny Ramos
JH Palmer
Brandy Agerbeck

August 2014 – Summer Love:
Corrine Mucha
Lily Be
Karen Shimmin
Cinnamon Cooper

July 2014 – Periods:
Charlotte Hamilton
Wendy McClure
Katie Prout
Ali Kelley

June 2014 – Debt:
Natasha Mulholland
Anne Holub
Rachel Collins
Gwynn Fulcher

May 2014 – Boobs:
Samantha Irby
Natasha Samreny
Melanie LaForce
Jasmine Davila
Alicia Swiz


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