Brittany Meyer

Meet Our Readers

Is Sam Smith kinda edgy for you? You’re in luck this Wednesday. We’ve got Melanie LaForce, Ali Kelley, Danette Chavez, and a *~mystery guest~*, talking about what those star tattoos on your wrist really mean, and perhaps going a little or a lot deeper than you’d expect.

Okay the mystery guest is Brittany Meyer. Also, it’s Ali’s last Chicago show before she departs for her East Coast homeland. Also, we’re going to have a raffle.  Get in, loser, we’re going shopping.

Melanie LaForce

Melanie LaForceMelanie LaForce was born in Painesville, Ohio and has lived in Chicago since 2000. Most of Melanie’s time is spent as an education researcher at the University of Chicago. Melanie also writes essays and satire for websites such as The Hairpin, Bust, Refinery29, and Medium. In her spare time, Melanie plays onstage at Second City and trains skaters with the Windy City Rollers.



Ali Kelley

ali kelleyAli Kelley is a writer living in Chicago and soon to be New York. Her work has appeared in HelloGiggles, McSweeney’s and the Washington Post. She writes about ’90s pop culture and teen angst on her blog, Sleepoverz.



Danette Chavez

danette chavezDanette Chavez is a culture writer and editor but she took the scenic route getting there, spending over 10 years in the hellscape that is newspaper advertising sales. She’s been published in the Chicago Reader, Chicagoist, Literary Chicago, XOJane, and is currently the Assistant Editor at The Onion’s A.V. Club.



Brittany Meyer

brittany meyerBrittany is a Chicago-based comic, story teller, cat owner, arm wrestler, and queer. Brittany has green eyes and has often been described as “that song Killer Queen.” As a comic, Brittany performs around Chicago in various clubs and showcases from Zanies to Laugh Factory, and hosts many pop up shows out of state. Brittany is both the creator and producer of ‘Strip Joker;’ a body positive, comedy showcase partnered with the ‘You are Beautiful’ campaign, located at Uptown Underground, cast member of the kates, and producer of Tuxedo Cat Comedy. For more info, check out


Online Dating

Here’s a recording of our last show of 2015. The November theme was Online Dating, with special guest host Alicia Swiz! Readers included Beth Spencer, Gina Watters, Gina Wynbrandt, Brittany Meyer, and Nancy Hightower.


Meet Our Readers

For our last show of the year, we’re tackling Online Dating with Beth Spencer, Nancy Hightower, Brittany Meyer, Gina Wynbrandt, Gina Watters, and Special Guest Co-host Alicia Swiz. Unlike some (but not all!) attempts to find love through the Internet, it’s gonna be awesome. Come see this talent-packed lineup before you go into a pie coma. It’ll give you something new to talk about with your aunt.

Alicia Swiz

SWIZ_eqHeadshotAlicia Swiz is a Jersey Girl In Chicago by way of North Carolina. A professor and a performer, Alicia uses humor and candid observation to provide insight and awareness about gender, feminism and media. A pop culture lover with a critical eye and an activist heart, Alicia draws from her personal experience and academic training to facilitate conversations about what it means to be a feminist in 2015. Find her at or watching Bob’s Burgers.

Gina Waters

Gina WattersGina Watters is a writer originally from Michigan, but has lived in Chicago long enough to remember the Washington Red Line stop and a city without a single H&M store. She has previously read her work at “Story Sessions’ Campfire Show”, “Essay Fiesta”, “That’s All She Wrote” and “Write Club”. She hates the phrase “bucket list”, but if she were to have one, it would only include two things: to ride a Segway and to hold a baby goat. Not necessarily at the same time.

Brittany Meyer

DSC_7437Escaping Florida only three years ago, Brittany moved to Chicago in hopes of finding a career and romance. After giving up on that, she turned her attention to stand up comedy and a cat named Lil’ Rue McClanahan. Brittany has written for ‘The Women in Comedy Festival’ and her own office newsletter that she mostly keep to herself. You can see her every month as producer and host of ‘Strip Joker,’ a new, body positive, comedy showcase at Gorilla Tango Theatre, tickets available now for February 11th, March 10th and April 14th through GTT’s website. See everything Brittany does on her website,

Beth Spencer

spencer.headshotBeth Spencer is a wastewater engineering librarian who spends her days researching biosolids and dewatered sludge, but she likes to cut loose at night by dabbling in comedy, crochet, and music trivia. Beth occasionally puts her undergraduate degree in creative writing to use by blogging about gum she’s purchased on clearance, sending greeting cards to celebrities, and sporadic live lit performances.



Gina Wynbrandt

tumblr_n6o0i1SKzy1qashb7o1_1280Self-described as “the Carrie Bradshaw of comics,” Gina Wynbrandt is an artist living in Chicago. Her work focuses on romantic humiliation, personal insecurities, and pop culture. She was featured in Best American Comics 2015 and nominated for an Ignatz Award. She loves sitcoms, teen pop stars, makeup, the Internet, and being the center of attention.


Nancy Hightower

photo by April O BergelerNancy Hightower has published weird fiction and even weirder poetry (possibly the result of having grown up in the South and her dad working for three televangelists). She tried to get a PhD studying Henry James, but then realized she would never get invited to another party. She switched to creative writing and got the PhD, which meant that while there were parties, there were no jobs. So she taught a very cool class on the grotesque in art and lit at the University of Colorado until she finally published a novel, then moved to NYC three years ago, where all the weird people live.