Julie Jurgens

Meet Our Readers

This week, we’ve got Chloe Riley, Elizabeth Gomez, Julie Jurgens, and Sarah Souri breakin’ the law breakin’ the law. Get your legal ass to Gallery Cabaret to for stories of protest, poor choices, good choices, and more.

Chloe Riley

Chloe Riley is a journalist, skeptic, and bullshit fighter, depending on the day. She writes about death and old magazines in a blog called Pimp to the Mouthbreathers and she’s also written for The Guardian, the Chicago Reader and Huffington Post. She writes about criminal justice, politics, and theater and she eats oatmeal even though it deeply pains her to do so.



Elizabeth Gomez

Elizabeth GomezElizabeth Gomez is a comedian, writer, and a free bleeder. She performs all over the city, but you may have seen her on Check Please, which means she is Chicago famous now. She is the founding writer of Drinkers with Writing Problems, cast member of the Kates, founder of the Windy City Rollers, and possibly the reason your parents broke up.



Sarah Souri

Sarah SouriSarah Rashmee Souri is a psychotherapist, musician, writer, and speaker. Her previous storytelling experience includes performing at Sunday Morning Stories at The Second City in Chicago, as well as The Moth and Wordplay in her hometown of Pittsburgh, PA. Sarah believes in the therapeutic power of storytelling, and she hopes her story will inspire you. To contact Sarah, please visit her website at http://www.sarahsouri.com/.




Julie Jurgens

julie jurgensJulie Jurgens has appeared on stages all over the city, magically, like some kind of beautiful teleporting genius. Once she’s on stage she tries to change history in small but substantial ways, then leaves again, hoping beyond hope that the next stage appearance will be the appearance that takes her home.


Mean Girls

Here’s a recording of our September 2015 show. The theme was Mean Girls. Featured readers included Ines Bellina, Mary Runkle, Julie Jurgens, and Molly Harris.


Meet Our Readers

Our theme this month is Mean Girls. We’ve got Ines Bellina, Molly Harris, Julie Jurgens, and Mary Runkle talking popularity, power games, and pretty.

Recently at a party, I brought up the topic with a friend. I expected she wouldn’t have much to say about it – she’s tall, thin, beautiful and poised. Cool and elegant, like a glass of water or auburn-haired greyhound. No one would make fun of her. No one would dare, and where would they even go with it? I was so wrong. Her memories of targeted cruelty were vivid and intense, as much as a nerd goob like myself. My experience with her got me thinking about mean girls, assumptions, and appearance, and eventually formed the basis of my story.

What I’m saying is, it’s gonna be so fetch.

Ines Bellina 

tumblr_npzsneLRyJ1tekaq6o1_500Ines Bellina is a writer, translator and performer. She is the co-host of the monthly Live Lit show, Is This a Thing?, and has read at Loose Chicks, Serving the Sentence, Tales from the Office, the kates, The Marrow, and other events around town. Ines also writes YA fiction and her work-in-progress has received a Letter of Merit from the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. She recently launched a podcast called XX, Will Travel, which is geared towards independent women travelers. When she’s not overscheduling herself, she sings love songs to her bulldog, Charlie.

Mary Runkle

Mary-Runkle-headshot-6Mary Runkle (maryrunkle.com) is very pretty. She decided to try standup comedy after a fair-weather friend stood her up at The Comedy Bar in 2013 and the comics were all super nice to her. In the 2 1/2 years she’s been telling jokes, Mary’s had the privilege of performing on a bunch of fun showcases, was featured at the 2015 Chicago Women’s Funny Festival, and recently did a weekend at The WIP Comedy Theater. Mary co-produces Foot Fetish Open Mic, Wish You Were Beer Open Mic, and After Party Podcast (afterpartypod.party), where she and her co-host drunkenly attend and review the independent comedy showcases in Chicago. Mary loves compliments, especially when they’re complimentary drinks!

Julie Jurgens

11162464_10152736312812187_8300885484702922696_nJulie Jurgens gets bored easily, which is why she does everything from storytelling to stand up comedy to playing the pocket trumpet (not a euphemism). Her accomplishments in life include publishing one awful poem in college, being the owner of the worst cat in the world, and making really good banana bread. She has a master’s degree in library and information science and has the student loan debt to prove it. She’s always available to eat tater tots, nachos, or nacho tots. THESE ARE HER STORIES.


Molly Harris

headshot (1)Molly Harris is a riddle, inside an enigma, wrapped in feminine wiles, nestled in a soft, human skin suit with a blonde wig on top. She arrived in Chicago from the wild cornfields of Indiana and spends most of her time talking about science fiction and glitter and puns. She aspires to be a mean girl in all that she says and does.