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Meet Our Readers

This month’s theme is The Other Woman, and here’s a mild spoiler: we’re going to start out classic, then get ~*experimental*~. We won’t say much more. The mystery is part of the Other, after all.

Lindsay Porter

Lindsay PorterLindsay Porter is a writer, performer, and teacher. She has taught creative writing and theatre in prisons, hospitals and schools. She recently returned from the William Inge Center in Kansas where she helped children create a new play based on their personal stories. Lindsay recently ventured into the world on stand-up comedy and is looking for an open mic that will allow her to maintain her 9 o’clock bedtime.











Morgan McNaught

Morgan McNaughtMorgan is a writer/actor/director/generator with Eugene vibes and a Midwest heart. They have performed at the now deceased Steppenwolf Garage, The Goodman, The New Colony, The Guild Literary complex, Salonathon, and The Alphawood Gallery, among others. Their text is featured in the Persephone Project with walkabout this summer in the Chicago Park District and you can catch their feature on August 31st at The Fly Honey Show. Morgan has a website where u can find more things out: morganmcnaught.com or on Instagram @theeternalscout.






Katie Johnston-Smith

Katie Johnston-SmithKatie Johnston-Smith, a Pittsburgh native, moved to Chicago after graduating from Belmont University (Nashville) with a degree in musical theatre. She is a member of the comedy collective, The Nerdologues, a producer with Mortified Chicago, and film collective Muscular Clown.






Lisa Farver

Lisa Farver

Lisa Marie Farver is a writer, comedian, and selfie model. She has shared stories at You’re Being Ridiculous, The Stoop, tenx9, Loose Chicks, Slut Talk, Sex Positive. The Chicago Reader described Lisa’s storytelling style as Faulknerian, which is either awesome or questionable, depending on how you feel about Faulkner.