KT Hawbaker

Meet Our Readers

The kind of girl you read about/in the new wave magazines joins us Wednesday for Freaks and Geeks: Rebecca Vipond-Brink, Jessica DiMaio, KT Hawbaker, and Veronica Arreola bring the geeky, weird, and sometimes both. Whoa. We’ll also be having a raffle, because we love raffles: a gift certificate to our favorite comic book store, Challengers!

Rebecca Vipond-Brink

rebecca vipond-brink

Rebecca Vipond-Brink is a journalist, editor, and artist who’s written for such publications as BuzzFeed, Waypoint, and, most prolifically, The Frisky. She’d like to take this opportunity to plug the Archdiocese of Chicago’s Domestic Violence Outreach Ministry, to which she gives her time, and encourage you to make donations to or volunteer for Sarah’s Inn and Housing Forward, shelters for DV victims and the homeless (respectively) that do tremendous work in the west suburbs of Chicago.



Veronica Arreola

Veronica ArreolaVeronica I. Arreola is professional feminist, writer and a mom. She’s been a fish researcher, fried pizza puffs, and a door canvasser for Greenpeace. Today she runs UIC’s new Latinx in Science office. Veronica serves on the national board of Bitch Magazine. She has written a lot of things, spoken to a lot of people and received awards for it too! This veteran blogger met her husband 25 years at the mall in a shoe store. Today they are raising a very sporty & smartypants daughter. You can find her online at vivalafeminista.com or @veronicaeye on Twitter & Instagram.




Jessica DiMaio

jessica dimaioJessica is an aging goth who hates board games, but loves cosplay, dissecting pop culture with friends, and impromptu new wave dance parties. She has had essays published in OG feminist magazines, such as BUST and Bitch, back when people still read print. She works as an esthetician at Salon Echo in Edgewater, and if you want someone to talk to about Game of Thrones while getting the perfect brow arch, she’s your girl.




KT Hawbaker

KT HawbakerKT Hawbaker is a fiercely Midwestern, fiercely emotional nonfictioneer. She is an arts and entertainment journalist with the Chicago Tribune, and she recently graduated with her Master’s from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. You might also know her as June Carter-Gash, HBIC over at “A Fairy Home Companion,” a podcast that drags “A Prairie Home Companion” in the name of queer histories.