Heroes is Live

Our first show of the year is up. Get over to iTunes and let Amy Sumpter, Crystal Lynette, Louise W. Knight, Deborah Siegel, and Allie Kahan take you on a hero’s journey.

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Road Trip, Wedding Bells, and Gossip Are Live

To kick off the holiday season, we’ve added the Road Trip, Wedding Bells, and Gossip shows to the podcast. Enjoy.


On July 27th, 2016, our theme was Consent. Featured readers included Ada Cheng, Sarah Meltzer, and Caitlin Brecht.



On June 29th, 2016, our theme was Crush. Featured readers included C.A. Aiken, Lauren Kapinski, Julie Marchiano, Amy Guth, Jess Merighi, and Jenny Peel.


Birth Control

On May 25th, 2016, our theme was Birth Control. Featured readers included Christina Brandon, Lynette Roqueta, and Ju Lee Anna.


First Time

Here’s a recording of our April 2016 show. The theme was First Time. Featured readers included Whitney LaMora Currier, Anne Elizabeth Moore, and Kaitlin Sullivan.



Here’s a recording of our March 2016 show. The theme was Race. Featured readers included Elaine Hegwood Bowen, Monica Guzman, Angel Simmons, and Alba Machado.



Here’s a recording of our February 2016 show. The theme was Mixtapes. Featured readers included Jes Skolnik, Tori Szekeres, Emily Hilleren, and Angela Benander.


Fucked Up

Here’s a recording of our January 2016 show. The theme was Fucked Up. Featured readers included Leah Pickett, Lily Be, Shanna Shrum, and Catharine Savage.


Online Dating

Here’s a recording of our last show of 2015. The November theme was Online Dating, with special guest host Alicia Swiz! Readers included Beth Spencer, Gina Watters, Gina Wynbrandt, Brittany Meyer, and Nancy Hightower.