Meet Our Readers

Get out your quills and charge your keyboards, we’re talking about letters. Legal letters, letters of recommendation, Dear John letters, FAN LETTERS OMG, from the desk of Maggie Tomasek, LeeAnn Yops, Anna Wolfe, and Lisa Hilleren.

Maggie Tomasek

maggie tomasekMaggie Tomasek is a writer, comic, runner and rapper. She’s performed at the kates, Write Club, Story Club, You’re Being Ridiculous, Essay Fiesta and Tuesday Funk, among many others. Maggie is also a member of She’s Crafty, Chicago’s all-female Beastie Boys tribute. You can see her with She’s Crafty on Saturday, May 6, at Township in Logan Square.




LeeAnn Yops

LeeAnn YopsLeeAnn Yops (long “O” in that “Yo”) is a Chicago-based stand-up comedian, storyteller and writer originally from Wisconsin. She’s your go-to guide for all thing 80s and 90s related. LeeAnn is the creator of the website BH9021WHOA, the site that’s better than a Mega Burger about everyone’s favorite teen drama zip code. When she’s not busy gushing over Luke Perry, she also runs a monthly storytelling show about music called Appetite for Rock n’ Roll Storytelling. You can catch Appetite every second Wednesday at the Elbo Room at 8 p.m. for a true evening of oral debauchery.


Anna Wolfe

Anna Rose WolfeAnna Rose Wolfe is an writer / performer. She is the co founder of Scout & Birdie, and online literary magazine and podcast. Anna is a graduate of Columbia College Chicago, where she earned a BA in Acting and a minor in Gender Studies. She performs regularly with The LIVINGroom, a solo performance ensemble. Anna has been featured in venues and fests around Chicago, such as Life Line Theater’s Fillet of Solo Festival, Greenhouse Theatre Center’s Solo Celebration, Abbie Hoffman Died for Our Sins Festival, National Cool Shorts, The Plagiarists Salon, and The Election Monologues.

Lisa Hilleren

lisa hillerenLisa Hilleren is a North Dakotan who moved to Chicago via Wisconsin. Lisa is the founder of, a blog dedicated to car free camping in the Chicago region. While Lisa usually writes about bicycles or feelings about bicycles, sometimes she also just writes about feelings. If you’d like to know more about Lisa’s bicycles or feelings, follow her on Twitter and Instagram @yo_uterus.


Heroes is Live

Our first show of the year is up. Get over to iTunes and let Amy Sumpter, Crystal Lynette, Louise W. Knight, Deborah Siegel, and Allie Kahan take you on a hero’s journey.

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Meet Our Readers

This Wednesday, we’re talking about you. The theme is Gossip and the readers are Jasmine Davila, Anjali Waikar, Josephine Yales, and Takelya Weathers. You heard it from them first.

Jasmine Davila

Jasmine DavilaJasmine Davila is the fast-talking, thoroughly charming co-host of “Vital Social Issues and Stuff”, a podcast about pop culture from a lady’s point of view. She has read in venues small and medium sized for shows such as Tuesday Funk, 20×2 Chicago, That’s All She Wrote and this very show. You can find Jasmine on the web by Googling “Jasmine Davila” and on Twitter as @jasmined.



Anjali Waikar

Anjali WaikarAnjali is thrilled to be back in her hometown of Chicago after living on the east coast for the past two decades. She was a member of a comedy improv troupe in college until she quit to play Division 3 tennis until she quit to join a hip hop dance troupe until she quit to volunteer in Guatemala until she quit to find herself. She believes in trying everything once. She’s a virgin storyteller to the stage, but regularly practices the art of storytelling in her day job as a lawyer.



Josephine Yales

Josephine YalesJ[osephine]. M. YaLes is the author of ‘A Coven in Essex County’, a writer, a poet, and ex-museum educator. She currently lives in Chicago after a life time in Wisconsin and a brief stint in Utah.





Takelya Weathers

takelya weathersHailing from the south side of the city, Takelya “TK” Weathers is an eternal dreamer with the heart and soul of a poet. She’s an avid writer who can oftentimes be found with a pen and paper in hand. While writing and theater are her first loves, she comes to us as a graduate of The French Pastry School’s L’Art du Gateau program and a lover of all things deliciously sweet. In her spare time, she works on building her MsBijou Sugar Artistry brand, being a student of the Second City Theater Training Center, and dreaming in full, living color.


On July 27th, 2016, our theme was Consent. Featured readers included Ada Cheng, Sarah Meltzer, and Caitlin Brecht.



On June 29th, 2016, our theme was Crush. Featured readers included C.A. Aiken, Lauren Kapinski, Julie Marchiano, Amy Guth, Jess Merighi, and Jenny Peel.


Birth Control

On May 25th, 2016, our theme was Birth Control. Featured readers included Christina Brandon, Lynette Roqueta, and Ju Lee Anna.


First Time

Here’s a recording of our April 2016 show. The theme was First Time. Featured readers included Whitney LaMora Currier, Anne Elizabeth Moore, and Kaitlin Sullivan.


Meet Our Readers

There’s a lot of mostly imperfect ways to prevent pregnancy. Condoms. Pills. Getting back to their place and seeing a book called God’s Game Plan: The Athlete’s Bible. I can personally vouch for all of the effectiveness of all of these. But sometimes it breaks, you miss a day, that title’s obscured by a John Grisham book and eh, whatever. Come join Adrienne Gunn, Ju Lee Anna, Christina Brandon, Lynette Roqueta, and Elizabeth Gomez for stories of Birth Control.

Also, we’re turning two! More on our toddler status this week, and see you Wednesday.

Gunn_A_161HRES_RAdrienne Gunn

Adrienne Gunn is a writer, editor, and humorist based in Chicago. She received an MFA in creative writing from the University of Oregon and her work has appeared in various literary magazines including McSweeney’s and PANK. Adrienne previously served as managing editor and fiction editor of TriQuarterly, the literary magazine of Northwestern University, and she regularly performs stand-up and storytelling throughout Chicago. In 2016, Adrienne’s first one-woman show Mother of the Year! debuted to sold-out audiences.

juleeannaJu Lee Anna

Hailing from Chicago’s crooked pinky, Ju Lee Anna is a variety entertainer with a ferocious charm and a sickeningly sweet sixth sense to make with cha-chas and chuckles. Ensemble member at Vaudezilla, she’s got a reputation for serving up a heavy hit of screwball and sizzle as slapstick burlesque delight Shirley Blazen. Ju Lee is a producer on the monthly stand-up comedy showcase Broad Squad and can be seen regularly telling audiences about her queer feminist agenda and love of Mountain Dew.

rsz_headshot_brickChristina Brandon

Christina Brandon is a writer and user experience researcher in retail, meaning she spends a lot of her days thinking about how people shop. She just launched her own TinyLetter, Humdrum, which consists of tiny essays on weird everyday things. She’s also furiously scribbling to finish her memoir about teaching English to university students in China. Her food writing has been published in Gapers Block, and her essays have been published in Compose, Gravel, Work Literary Magazine, and others. Her spirit animal is the kangaroo.


Lynette Roqueta headshot

Lynette Roqueta

Lynette Roqueta is a proud Miami, FL native. She has been braving Chicago winters since December 2012. A graduate of The Second City Training Center with Improv and Acting, and The Annoyance. Also, she is part of the indie teams Combat The Beard, Barnacle with The Playground Theater, Matt Damon Improv, and Scream Theatre. Lynette has performed at The Second City, Under The Gun Theater, Bughouse, pH Comedy Theater, Playground Theater, and The Annoyance. Currently she is the producer for the web series Squat and performs at various storytelling events.

yellowElizabeth Gomez

Elizabeth Gomez is an entrepreneur, stand up comic, world explorer, and a founder of an all female roller derby league. She currently spends her days agonizing on whether to put on pants. She is a Beast Woman Rising and you can see her at the kates or Drinkers with Writing Problems. You can follow Elizabeth on Twitter @JuannaRumbel since she’s too lazy to put together a website.

Meet Our Readers

There’s nothing quite like your first time, whatever that first may be. Join Anne Elizabeth Moore, Nicole Bartoloni, Kaitlin Sullivan, and Whitney LaMora Currier this Wednesday to relive that inaugural taste, touch, crime, or literally time itself.

P.S. We promise we’re not ripping off our musical pals at CHIRP First Time. It’s more of a tribute. A cover. Inspired by. Also, I’ll be performing with them on Thursday.


Anne Elizabeth Moore

anneelizabethmooreAnne Elizabeth Moore is an award-winning journalist, best-selling comics anthologist, and internationally lauded cultural critic. She has been heralded as “one of the sharpest thinkers and cultural critics bouncing around the globe today” by Razorcake, a “general phenom” by the Chicago Reader, and “a critic” by the New York Times.

Her book Unmarketable was named a Best Book of 2007 by Mother Jones. Cambodian Grrrl won a 2012 Lowell Thomas Award for Travel Journalism. Her essays “Reimagining the National Border Patrol Museum (and Gift Shop)” and “17 Theses on the Edge” were honorable mentions in Best American Non-Required Reading (2008 and 2010, respectively). She is the former editor of seminal, award-winning Punk Planet and the founding editor of the Best American Comics, which continues to be a New York Times bestselling title.

She is a Fulbright Scholar, UN Press Fellow, and USC Annenberg/Getty Arts Journalism Fellow, and teaches Visual & Critical Studies at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She was born in Winner, SD. She has two cats. In 2016, she was awarded the third fellowship in Detroit’s unique Write A House program.

Nikki Bartoloni

Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 9.26.36 PMNikki Bartoloni moved to Chicago almost seven years ago to study English Literature at DePaul University. While she had been writing stories since her father bought her her first self-publishing kit at the age of seven, she took her first creative non-fiction workshop at the end of her sophomore year and fell in love with the genre, later making it her main focus in DePaul’s Master in Writing and Publishing program. While she is new to Chicago’s storytelling and live-lit community, her work has been featured in Stumble Magazine and draft: a journal of process. Nikki’s guilty pleasures include online dating stories, Dawson’s Creek marathons, and chai lattes.

Kaitlin Sullivan

miss communication picKaitlin Sullivan is a frustrated writer with one of those corporate day jobs that frustrated writers tend to need. When she’s feeling cheeky, she blogs at and makes jokes on various social media platforms. (Sorry, Mom.)





Whitney LaMora Currier

13043667_10102467848753718_7788474613477723023_nWhitney LaMora Currier is an actor, writer and comedian around town! You can see her produce and perform quarterly with her company Wirehouse Co. – next performance will be on June 10th at The Lincoln Loft wherein she’ll be emceeing and sharing three short pieces she has written and will direct for the evening. She also really loves her husband, Taco Bell and her three fur children.


Here’s a recording of our March 2016 show. The theme was Race. Featured readers included Elaine Hegwood Bowen, Monica Guzman, Angel Simmons, and Alba Machado.