Twenty Seven Theme

Happy New Year! I’m pretty freaked out about our president elect, and pretty excited about our upcoming shows. We’re going to do kind of a staggered release this year (settle down, Beavis), you’ll get the rest sometime in March — something to look forward to during an interminable Midwestern winter. But yes. We’re looking for readers for everything with an asterisk, hit us up at missspokenchicago [at] gmail [dot] com if you’re interested. 

January: Heroes (BOOKED)

February: Basic*

March: Sibling Rivalry*

April: Letters*

May: Breakin’ the Law*

June: Munchies (BOOKED)



Twenty-Fifteen Themes

We’ve got our year planned out, at least in terms of themes. I’m also planning to flail against turning 30 and probably post about buffets, but that’s not so much a “plan” as an “inevitability” and anyway I’m getting off track. Here’s what’s on the docket for the coming months. If something has an asterisk, it means there’s room for a reader. Hit us up at  missspokenchicago at gmail dot com if you’ve got a story.

Mothers (5/27)
Orgasms (6/24)
Swimsuit Season (7/29)*
Sleepovers (8/26)*
Mean Girls (9/30)*
Sex Ed (10/28)*
Online Dating (11/25)*