Meet Our Readers

Tomorrow, Cameron Gearen, Keisa Reynolds, Meagan Dahl, and Megan Henricks share their deepest and darkest.  Possibly some less serious secrets as well.

Cameron Gearen is a poet and memoirist, competent baker of scones, single mom of two teen girls, and owner of a banjo that she doesn’t know how to play. Once, she was the receptionist during a bank robbery in which no one was harmed. She has lived in Thailand, mainland China, New England, and Minnesota–but she is a native Chicagoan and glad to be back. Cameron is currently the Writer-in-Residence at the Hemingway Foundation. Her book, Some Perfect Year, came out in 2017 from Shearsman Press. She’s working on a memoir and on sinking deeper into her fold in pigeon pose.

keisa reynoldsKeisa Reynolds is a writer and storyteller based in Chicago. They are Bay Area-raised with Midwestern manners. They produce two monthly storytelling series in Logan Square, Whine Club at Uncharted Books and Connections at Jimmy Beans Coffee. They are a graduate student in Women’s Studies and Gender Studies at Loyola University Chicago and hold a BA in Cultural Studies from Columbia College. You can follow them on Twitter at @kfromdabay and read more of their work at



 Meagan DahlMeagan Dahl is a writer, artist, and “former” theater kid. By day she works as a digital marketing strategist, and by night she trash blogs and watches an unhealthy amount of true crime TV. Meagan spent most of grad school making performance art videos that no one will ever see, and her short fiction and poetry works have been published in several obscure literary magazines. Her best life decisions (so far) were moving to Chicago 4.5 yrs ago and adopting her cat children Hall & Oates.




megan henricksMegan Henricks is a writer, performer, and pie slinger from Chicago. She studied acting at The Theatre School at DePaul University, became a talent agent for a couple minutes after she graduated, and has since made her way back to her own creative endeavors. She enjoys pet parades and has seen arguably too much of the show “Ballers” starring The Rock on HBO.